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Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
flight fees. >>> after his victory last night, president obama and the first family are due back in washington this hour. his long day started with the early-morning victory speech. soon he needs to get back to work with congress to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. keith russell is tracking the president's travel today. keith? >> hey, wendy. president obama and the first family are running a little bit behind schedule. they were supposed to be landing back our way in the next few minutes. but after a late-night celebrating of reelection victory, they just boarded air force one in chicago. 2 million votes separated the president from mitt romney last night. president obama acknowledged there's a lot of hard work ahead. if there's no spending compromise by december 31st, taxes will go up for every american new year's today. he called the top lawmakers from both parties. harry reid said, he's not kicking the can down the road. and says, any solution should include higher taxes on the richest of the rich. at his victory rally this morning, the president told supporters the best is y
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> thank you, doug. >>> today new york city mayor michael bloomberg endorsed president obama for re-election. bloomberg cites the president's leadership on climate change. mitt romney visited virginia today, northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us with the countdown to election day. >> no surprise that both mitt romney and barack obama, final five day push for bring them to virginia. for romney, it was roanoke, the richmond area and virginia beach. the president returns to northern virginia to prince william county on saturday night. the factory floor of a window and door company in roanoke was one of three virginia stops for mitt romney, but none bring him to northern virginia this time around. romney took time to encourage donations to storm relief effort, the sharp criticism of his opponent was back as he mocked his proposal to have several agencies under a secretary of business. >> we don't need a secretary of business to understand business, we need a president who understands business, and i do. >> reporter: president obama tried to strike a balance. acknowledging
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
families throughout her own work." president obama does not specifically reference the affair that director petraeus says that he had in his resignation letter. just his thoughts and prayers go out to the petraeus family. this comes at a time when the obama administration is under intense scrutiny for the benghazi attack that left four americans dead, including ambassador stevens. he was expected to testify next week and that is now not going to hoopen. i just want to make one note about the acting director, michael morell he is someone who is a career agency officer. someone who the president has a lot of confidence in and, according to the administration official, this is someone who was deeply engaged in the planning and effort to take down osama bin laden and who briefed the president regularly, so it really bolstered the president's confidence in him. right now he is serving as acting director and, again, just stunning news developing here on this friday afternoon. jim, wendy? >> thanks, kristen. >>> in the district, police are looking for the men who fired shots near the white house t
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. president obama hailed the job growth as a sign the economy is moving in the right direction. he called it real progress but said there is more work to do. mr. obama has been campaigning in ohio all day but is heading back here to washington tonight. >>> mitt romney doesn't see it that way. he says the report indicates the economy is at a standstill. at a rally in wisconsin today, he told supporters mr. obama in his words never truly understood how jobs are created ithe economy. from wisconsin romney moved on to multiple campaign stops in ohio. analysts say he must win ohio to win the presidency. the latest polls show a tight race there. president obama having a slight advantage over mr. romney. >>> wl, with just four days now to go, both candidates are choosing their final campaign stops carefully. in battleground virginia it will play a prominent role again this weekend. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey tells us what both sides are doing now to win the commonwealth. >> reporter: with four days to go campaign offices are gearing up for their most intense weekend of all. the f
Nov 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
before returning to boston to watch returns. president obama who voted early last month dropped by a chicago campaign office to thank volunteers. but for both candidates, virginia is one of the battlegrounds they'll be most closely watching tonight. one both have visited in the past four days. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: in prince william county is a battleground within a battle ground. this man is sticking with the president in 2012. >> feel pretty good about it. i think that a lot of policies that he put in place, you don't see it until four years later. >> reporter: this young voter is casting his first ballot for barack obama. >> i did vote obama because he did a lot of changes. for instance, he ended one war in iraq. >> this voter is a change. an obama voter in 2008, the slow improvement in the economy has him making a switch. >> i voted for romney just because of the economy. i like obama. i think he is -- i think we need something changed up to affect the direction of the economy. >> reporter: this woman also says the economy, along with the unemployment rate, drov
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >>> president obama's reelection has reignited the push for immigration reform. it was the focus of a rally today in front of the white house. chris gordon is here with more on that. chris? >> latinos turned out in large numbers on election day, almost 7 out of 10 voting for the president. and now they're using their political power for their future, and their families. they demonstrated in front of white house bringing their message to president obama. latinos worked for his reelection and now they're asking for his help. they want comprehensive immigration reform to keep families together. >> we need justice now for 11 million people in this country. latinos overwhelmingly supported the president's reelection and now it's time for payback. >> reporter: this woman campaigned for maryland's dream act which voters approved on tuesday. granting in-state tuition for the children of undocumented immigrants. but she said she still lives in fear. >> my sister's a citizen. my grandmother is a permanent resident. my parents and brother and i are undocumented. we want to let president obama know we'
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
nissan max i ma. if you asked to call the d.c. police. >>> president obama answered questions from reporters on a range of issues today at the white house. holding his first news conference since his reelection. keith russell is in the newsroom with two of the more popular topics that came up. >> we know what they were, wendy. the president spoke about david petraeus and focused on the fiscal cliff. he said he's open to compromise but doesn't want an extension of the bush tax cuts. he maintains the best way to get it done is higher taxes for the rich, not the middle class. >> if we right away say 98% of americans will not see their taxes go up, 97% of small businesses are not going to see their taxes go up, if we get that in place, we are actually removing half of the fiscal cliff. half of the danger to our economy is removed by that single step. >> the president unexpectedly did not express displeasure with how long it took to be notified of the scandal involving general david petraeus. >> we're not supposed to meddle in, you know, criminal investigations. and that's been our prac
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
president obama to signed a memorandum and the senate to agree to a house bill requiring the d.c. flag being included whenever the 50 state flags are used. she spoke of mrs. rutger. >> pain, even humiliation, any american family would feel. once and for all, we ask the president to wipe clean this disrespect. >> reporter: mrs. rutger emphasized to news4 that her son and his family loved the u.s. navy, and all it's done for him. >> i was one of those parents who didn't want my son to go in the military. mainly because of fear, not knowing. but i'm telling you, it's the best move he could have made. >> jonathan loves the navy so much, he's now working to apply to the naval academy. congresswoman norton said she'll help. wendy? >> tom sherwood, thank you. >>> chopper 4 is on the scene of a warehouse fire in landover this afternoon, it started just before 3:00. it's a repair facility for taxi cabs. one worker was taken to the hospital with serious burns. >>> nearly two weeks after superstorm sandy, more than 70,000 long island power authority customers are still in the dark and in the cold. prot
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
on january 1st. leaders of both parties are standing firm so far. president obama wants to preserve tax cuts for the middle class. house speaker john boehner says higher tax cuts on the wealthy will slow job growth. experts say compromise may not be reached until the final hours of this year. >>> plans are in the works to prepare pennsylvania avenue for the inauguration. this morning the d.c. department of transportation announced repaving will begin tonight and last ten days. that project will take place during the overnight hour. then affect pennsylvania avenue between third and 14th streets. it will cost about $2 million. the inaugural parade will be held on january 21st. >>> it felt like january out there this morning. the temperatures dipping enough to create some sleet. >> kind of wild for a time. doug kammerer is in the weather center with more on what we can expect next. doug? >> we heard so much from this. yes, we saw sleet. that is frozen rain drops that come down. sleet is what will bounce on your car, freezing rain is what will fall as rain and then freeze on your car. once again
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
. it will be his first appearance on the hill since he resigned last friday. >>> president obama's focused today on the victims of superstorm sandy up in new york city. he got his first up-close look at the damage there and promised to work with local governments to come up with a game plan for recovery. some residents said they wished the president had come sooner to bring attention to their struggles. nearly 3,000 people are still without power in the city tonight, prompting a state investigation and a lawsuit against utility companies. >>> cloudy skies outside today. and a little chilly. but it looks kind of calm out there, doug, what do you think? >> it's not a bad afternoon if this was mid-december. this is exactly what we would be expecting. but this is mid-november and we're well below average. temperatures once again today close to ten degrees below average for a high. right now, sitting at 48 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 9 miles per hour. look at numbers, winchester already at 39 degrees. 46 in manassas. the warm spot is 50, and that right now is down toward fredericksburg. th
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >>> the white house said president obama had a constructive meeting with congressional leaders on the looming fiscal cliff. the president met with top house and senate leaders for more than an hour this morning. they began talks into ways they can avert the cliff of automatic tax increases, and spending cuts that are set to take effect on january 1st. >> our challenge is to make sure that, you know, we are able to cooperate together, work together, find some common ground, make some tough compromises, build some consensus to do the people's business. and what folks are looking for, and i think all of us agree on this, is action. they want to see that we are focused on them, not focused on our politics here in washington. >> congressional leaders expressed confidence they can reach a deal that would cut the deficit before christmas. >>> turning to the weather, is there any warm-up in sight for our weekend? chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here. how about it, doug? >> maybe a little warm-up. we're talking a very small one. today, a high of 54 degrees. not too bad out there, with some sunshi
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11